The recipe for Do-It-Yourself peanut (or any high-oil nut) butter is straightforward, says the blog Averi Cooks. This is the way we read her post: It takes about 4-5 minutes, but it requires a really good food processor—one that won’t tucker as the peanuts go from fine powder to thick paste to ‘dough ball.’ Keep letting your food process do its thing at this point, with length of time depending on your texture preference. Averi has her processor run the peanut butter until its smooth, but we know there are folks who prefer their peanut butter chunky.

Note: She uses honey roasted peanuts as the base for her recipe. It’s likely better tasting than unsalted roasted peanuts or raw peanuts, but we recommend going with one of those two. This way you can control the amount of sugar and sodium that go into your peanut butter as you consider the various possibilities for flavor additions like “cardamom, brown sugar, vanilla extract, [or] coffee extract,” to name a few. There’s always the option of adding a liqueur.

The recall of raw, roasted peanuts last month over salmonella fears was just one in a recent string that got us on high alert over our favorite nut. It’s enough to make us want to put some of our favorite snack/sandwich combos on hold. DIY peanut butter may not completely cut out the worries of salmonella, you’re probably far less likely to be at risk if you oversee the process yourself.

[via Lifehacker]