The Chia Pet, that beloved popular 80s novelty gift, is having a second coming as chia seeds have emerged as a useful source of nourishment. As it turns out, their nutritional benefits are already being exploited by the likes of Dole and Nature’s Path, reports The New York Times.

Grown in Mexico, Bolivia, and now Australia, the seed is touted as a great source of omega-3’s, and it also provides antioxidants, protein, and fiber. In an independent clinical testing commissioned by Dole, it was discovered that “more alpha-linolenic acid in omega-3 reached the bloodstream and was converted into eicosapentaenoic acid, a long-chain fatty acid considered good for the heart, when the seeds were milled rather than whole.”

Both whole and ground versions of the seeds are already appearing in your fruit drinks, cereals, and snacks as supplements, available at Whole Foods, Ralphs, and Albertsons.

[via The New York Times]