LA Weekly recently checked out the auditions for The Next Food Network Star in Santa Monica and walked away with a few tips for food television hopefuls.

There are altogether five pieces of advice given, but in our minds there’s really one that trumps all the rest. If you’ve watched 15 minutes of the show before, you know what we’re talking about, as it is repeatedly drilled into the contestants. The Food Network folks call it a “culinary point-of-view.” This means you have to get your show idea down pat and see that it carries through everything you do. Even when you’re¬†simultaneously¬†peeling carrots and explaining the importance of sofrito, you can’t let the act slip on camera.

Fret not if you missed your chance this time around. The speed with which Food Network churns out content pretty much guarantees that any parties interested in cooking for a TV audience will at least get to audition for the role. The pool is somewhat finite with all the cook competition shows. While these programs predicate a lot of their drama on the personalities drawn into the fray, The Next Food Network Star casting garners nowhere near the same turnout as American Idol or X Factor.

So keep on keepin’ on with your culinary POV. It’s just a matter of time before it will be judged for camera readiness.

[via LA Weekly]