When it comes to our food choices, there’s a thin line between our dining table and the state, says Glenn Lammi on Forbes. As France increases taxes on palm oil (a main Nutella ingredient) by 300%, Denmark and Los Angeles have struggled to get government measures for better nutrition to stick.

Denmark has chosen to remove their “sin” or “fat tax” onĀ “foods containing more than 2.3% saturated fat – including dairy produce, meat and processed foods” a year after it was implemented. This comes after failing to convince Danish denizens the importance of maintaining a diet that is low in saturated fat. Los Angeles, on the other hand, saw the bill on soda taxation sputter among voters.

Lammi suggests that sin taxes only work if they are implemented on at a level of at least 20%; the evidence so far suggests that taxing the fatty and the sugary at nominal percentages does little to curb our appetite for junk food.

[via Reason]