If you haven’t made it to the polls yet, we have some important, potentially deal-breaking news to relay: Obama loves nachos.

Last night, in an interview with broadcasting legend Ryan Seacrest, POTUS revealed his greatest culinary guilty pleasure: Nachos. The beloved bar snack is the commander-in-chief’s “weakness.” Obama said, “If I get nachos and guacamole I can go to town on that stuff.”

Let’s dissect that for a second, shall we. Is he really discussing real nachos—smothered, covered chips with heaps of toppings of all kind. Or, is he confusing one of the world’s greatest gastronomic achievements with a pedestrian platter of chips and dip? Who knows. Maybe we’ll get a recipe for White House nachos in the next fours years, maybe not. It all hangs in the balance tonight.

[via Daily Caller]