Just when you thought food trucks had officially jumped the shark, they appear to be bouncing back, thanks in large part to some great press: A key role in that pretty funny Jason Segel-Emily Blunt flick, heroics in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and now a big-ass list of the 101 best of the food trucks in America from The Daily Meal.

As for our two cents, we’re feeling pretty good about food trucks these days. The initial backlash against the trend came primarily from overhype—traveling around town to eat curbside at highly-touted newcomers, or standing in interminable lines at festivals, began to get old. But now that the dust has settled and trucks have become a more organic part of the food scene, they’ve definitely proven their worth. We’re still not sure how many are truly destination-worthy, but like great lunch counters and sandwich spots, they add diversity to the neighborhoods where they make their mark (that is, as long as they don’t kill those lunch counters and sandwich spots by taking their customers).

Which favorites from your city should have made the cut?

[via The Daily Meal]