Men’s Health recently renewed its quest to anoint one restaurant in the United States as the manliest of them all. Last year, it was Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that took home the testosterone-laced honor. Now, Oklahoma Joe’s, a barbecue joint in Kansas City, is up on the pedestal after being announced the winner on an episode of the Travel Channel series Foodie Paradise.

As with the inaugural search, the editors left the decision mostly to their readers, who by August had helped narrow down the nominees to five finalists in nine categories of manly restaurants, including BBQ joint, pizza parlor, steakhouse, and taco stand.

The criteria were kept purposefully vague—pretty much places that represent “what it means to eat like a man,” whatever that might mean (unhealthily?).

Who knows why Oklahoma Joe’s trumped the rest of the field, but it probably has something to do with serving a buttload of meat and being situated inside of a gas station.

[via HuffPost Food]