Rocking a ‘stache appropriate for Movember, Will Ferrell is out there trying to motivate people to vote today. As the video PSA above shows, he is willing to do anything to get you out to the polls—including cook you a meal of angel hair pasta. He then breaks out in a less-than-10-second dance as enticement. It’s just a preview though as, you’ll have to earn your right to the “full buffet.”

The cajoling gets a bit desperate as he offers to eat whatever he’s told, including garbage, hair, human toenails, or underpants. He sneaks in an endorsement for Obama toward the end. One commenter with close to 2k in ‘likes’ on YouTube says, “This is the type of ad we should be getting.”

In other food-related Election Day coverage, Bon Appétit put out a map that draws red state versus blue state preferences toward the likes of arugula, binge drinking, and caviar.

[via Youtube]