Last Thursday, we brought you the ultimate recipe for Turducken. Not to exclude herbivores, allow us to introduce the Veggieducken from Dan Pashman, host of Cooking Channel web series Good to Know. It’s equally as attractive (or unattractive, depending on your aesthetic) as Turducken, but requires zero deboning—thanks to no meat involved.

And because there is no meat, or any animal byproducts for that matter, Pashman’s veggie imitation of the three-layer Louisiana specialty is also less time-consuming to prep, assemble, and cook. It is essentially a hollowed out two-foot banana squash packed with layers of stuffing, leeks, and sweet potatoes.

For a behemoth of a dish, the recipe is rather free of complication, with a manageable list of 14 ingredients (12 if you don’t count salt and pepper). Pashman makes a stuffing out of roasted red bell pepper and bread.

We just have one question: Wouldn’t the name for a dramatic vegetarian main dish comparable to Turducken be composed of the very ingredients it is trying to combine in one? We wouldn’t hate Sq (uash) + uff(uffing) + ee(leeks) + to (sweet potato) = Squffeeto.