Going into Thanksgiving, chances are you’ll eat one more helping of turkey, turducken, or tofurkey than you intended. Binging and the ensuing food coma are as much a part of tradition as Macy’s parade. Bounce back a lot quicker this year with a simple three-day recovery plan.

Beginning with Friday, get your mind and body right. It’s good to hit up an array of alkanizing liquids to help neutralize all the alcohol, protein, and sugar coursing through your system. Your best bet would simple broths, herbal or decaffeinated teas, and lemon water. Meanwhile, keep your meals light on preparation: steaming or lightly sautéeing is best. For exercises, keep it simple and easy, like walking and stretching.

On Saturday, chuck the leftovers and reintroduce moderate exercise. Bring it all together on Sunday with basic good posture as it “improves the blood flow and increases digestive capacity.” By the time Monday rolls around, you’ll have balanced out the effects of Thanksgiving.

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