So reports of the bacon shortage may have proven more meme than threat, but fish supplies are in real danger of mass shortage and or contamination. Non-profit group OCEANA recently released grim projections on the future state of supplies around the world. According to the report, countries like Maldives and Singapore may experience a dramatic decrease in fish—and thus a primary source of protein—by 2055, thanks to climate change and ocean acifidification.

While the seafood available in the United States may not be as affected in quantity, the quality will invariably dip as increased temperatures means greater rates of bacteria growth in your favorite shellfish—growths that can lead to cholera and gastroenteritis.

Worse still, such food shortages will likely have broader implications than changes in diet. The New England Complex Systems Institute has found a correlation between food shortages and social unrest, including the Arab Spring uprisings.

[via Mother Jones; NPR]