Wyclef popped into the studio to chat with Power 105.1FM’s The Breakfast Club yesterday. He spoke with good humor on the regrettable Speedos-on-the-Ducati photo that surfaced last week, explaining that it is actually an old snap: “If you look at my Instagram, you woulda been seen that photo… This is an actual photo shoot for a company in Italy.” Of course, this information doesn’t stop the crew from continuing to clown him mercilessly.

After clearing that up, he went on to drop a little teaser of a restaurant and lounge he’s planning to open in NYC:

In six months to nine months, I will be opening my own place in New York City…The reason why I’m doing this is because back in the days, we had like the original Copacabana. And I feel that we can use a spot in New York that has culture…where it’s DJ Culture, it’s band culture, it’s lounge culture, it’s vibe…where it’s an eclectic vibe.

So I’m just letting y’all know in advance. So we’ll have international night, where all cultures share. So I look forward to seeing y’all, with food, music, and vibe. And It’s going to be called the Refugee Lounge…It will be in Manhattan. Right now, we’re negotiating.

From running for president of Haiti to opening his own restaurant, Wyclef continues to prove that the phrase “long odds” means nothing to him.

[via The Breakfast Club/Eater]