Between running retaurants and appearing on Top Chef, Treme, and the occasional animated show, Tom Colicchio is keeping busy these days. Now, he’s added a Youtube series: Hooked Up, in which he goes fishing with various guests. The show is on the Reserve Channel, which also where you’ll find Eric Ripert’s similar show, On the Table.

A few observations from this series kickoff—you can watch the whole first episode above:

  • Up against Huang—who talks about his past as a stand-up comedian—Colicchio doesn’t really pull off his jokes, and he seems to know it.
  • Huang was on a food show long before his brief Cooking Channel gig and Vice episodes. He went on Guy Fieri’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown, where Food Network people told him he had a knack for cooking.
  • Colicchio clearly thinks Huang grew up in NYC when asking him about his penchant for hip-hop. Oh well, we weren’t really expecting that any research went into this show (he’s actually from D.C.).
  • Huang listened to Alanis Morissette as a kid, which prompts Colicchio to joke that he may have been a lesbian. Uh, see the aforementioned.
  • Colicchio on hip-hop: “I know nothing about hip-hop. I just never got into it. I appreciate it. I get it. I just, I like live music. And I just think that for some reason hip-hop gets lost in translation live… There’s only so many times you can grab your crotch and prance around on stage.”
  • Huang cracks jokes about hip-hop in Taiwan in relation to the U.S., but says nothing of the country’s own homegrown rap.

[via BlackBook]