In a bid to render all other jack-o-lanterns pointless, Pumpktris has emerged as the shining star of this year’s Halloween crop. Watching the video above will have you wondering why anyone would ever want their pumpkin to be anything but a classic arcade game. That is, until you check out the intensive labor involved.

Nathan Pryor gives a full step-by-step account of the process, and it’s not for the average dilettante. Other than blood, sweat, and tears, it will take the following hardware: a LOLShield (“a charlieplexed LED matrix for the Arduino”), an Arduino (“an open-source single-board microcontroller”), a soldering iron, a drill, an awl, solder joints, 1/4″ foam-core board, heat-shrinking tubing, 140 amber LEDs from Mouser, and a pair of LED Matrix I2C “backpacks.” There are probably more materials you’d need to buy, as not all of us have a bamboo prototyping board sitting around.

Once the hardware is done, it’s time to work on the code. And then, it’s time to drill 128 holes in neat rows on the pumpkin and carve a neat square around each hole. It took Pryor 12 solid hours to get this done.

In short, you have to realy, really, really want this. We’re happy just watching the mesmerizing video and applauding Pryor’s efforts.

[via Grist]