There’s no shortage of tattoos in restaurant kitchens, and with any measure of fame comes curiosity about the meaning behind a chef’s chosen ink.

When Chicago based chef Rick Tramanto was in town this past weekend for the NYC Food & Wine Festival, he stopped into Wooster Street Social Club (of NY Ink fame) to pay his friend Luke Wessman a visit. He brought cooking-show host Laura McIntosh along to the Soho shop, where Wessman tattooed the image of a Hammer Stahl Chef Series knife onto his forearm.

The tattoo, placed directly below a “faith” piece, pays homage to the cutlery used at his Restaurant R’evolution in NOLA. The trio later hung out at the Hammer Stahl festival booth, where they passed out matching temporary tattoos to help promote the “Cut Out Hunger” initiative.

You can watch Tramanto getting inked and catch glimpses of his other pieces in the video above.

[via Youtube]