Vik Says is where we our mascot, Vik, vents his feelings each week: 10 things he’s loving, and 10 things he wishes would just go away. Check out the best and worst of the week below.


1. When Jay-Z and Beyonce eat at good restaurants.
2. When you get quoted an hour wait, but get seated in 15 minutes.
3. NASCAR cooks named “Cowboy.”
4. Matzoh ball soup on a cold fall day.
5. Hot dog roadtrips.
6. The knish cutlet.
7. Supermarkets with robust dried fruit selections.
8. Sazeracs with Twizzler bitters.
9. Eating your nephew’s Halloween candy for breakfast.
10. Cool food-driven Kickstarter campaigns.


1. When Jay-Z and Kanye eat at Nello.
2. Grocery shopping for #frankenstorms.
3. Waiters who squat down at the table to speak to children.
4. Testerone-fueled wine snobs who swirl their vino like they’re trying to create a tornado.
5. Home-made Halloween candy.
6. Dinner at the Romney’s.
7. Restaurants that aggressively push the chef’s tastes by blasting polarizing music.
8. The tyranny of cellphones at restaurants.
9. People who send back drinks that taste exactly like they are supposed to.
10. Listening to Taylor Swift while eating bad pizza alone.