Around these parts, we abide by the truism, “Everything in moderation.” It’s not all burgers, beers, and butchered steaks—sometimes we actually try to maintain a balanced diet. Maybe you do too. If so, here’s a helpful roundup of the latest in health and food safety news from this past week:

  • Food Network: Pepitas, or pumpkin seeds, are “a good source of magnesium and zinc, providing 19% of your daily dose of both these minerals.”
  • Food Safety News: Hold off on the pre-packaged Dole American Blend salad sold by Dole, which is being recalled after they came up positive for listeria.
  • Huffington Post: A daily dose of a multivitamin can lower the average man’s risk of cancer, according to the American Association for Cancer Research.
  • Readers Digest: You think diet sodas and baked chips are aiding your slimdown, but they’re actually working against the cause.
  • Delish: About three million boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheats were voluntarily recalled by Kellogg for fear of possible exposure to “flexible metal mesh pieces.”
  • The New York Times: A study by researchers at Stanford University may not be the final word on the benefits, or lack thereof, of organic food.
  • Grub Street New York: Some wild mushrooms can be deadly when eaten. A family of four fell severely ill after eating a dinner made from white mushrooms found on their backyard.