Starting an Internet meme is equivalent to sustaining a successful wave at a football stadium. There’s just no telling what keeps.

The latest wave of food memes bring us Fries with Guys and #literaryrestaurants on Twitter. While Fries with Guys might as well be called “When Instagram Selfies Go Wrong,” #literaryrestaurants (launched by Stephen Elliot, founder of online literary journal The Rumpus) is gaining traction among both food lovers and literary types. Our favorites include the following:

  • @aprillmwall: “A Wrinke in Prime (steakhouse)” after Madeleine L’Engle’s science fiction novel.
  • @RuthBourdain: “Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas” after Hunter S. Thompson’s classic.
  • @thebstormer: “A Dining Room of One’s Own,” referencing Virginia Woolf.
  • @CityLightsBooks: “Waiting for Godoughnuts,” after Samuel Beckett’s play.
  • @theleanover: “The Taming of the Stew,” a shout out to Willy Shakespeare.

We also appreciated the effort from corporate accounts like @TacoBell (“For Whom the Taco Bell Tolls”), @Hooters (“Lord of the Wings”), and @Whataburger (“The Ketchup in the Fry”).

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