Even all the reviews and SNL spoofs can’t stop some folks from loving them some Guy Fieri. As proof, watch how people repeatedly stop him in the street as he strolls through the streets of midtown with CBS This Morning‘s Norah O’Donnell, en route to Guy’s American Kitchen + Bar!

In an interview with the host, he responds to the critics of his new Times Square restaurant, falling back on that old chicken-and-egg reasoning beloved by celebrities: “You can’t have eight restaurants and be doing it wrong, or that wrong.”

More than anything else we’ve seen yet, the interview reflects the real dichotomy at work between the man with “the most popular show on Food Network,” who garners as much for appearances as some ex-presidents, and the man actually trying to sell food to New Yorkers. The latter was never going to be easy—New Yorkers are infamous for dressing down out-of-town chefs, even the ones that don’t rock white shades and frosted tips. O’Donnell notes that the problem may be that he’s more “Pabst Blue Ribbon than Pinot Noir,” as if to suggest that if he’d only opened up his restaurant in Bushwick, maybe he’d get a better response.

We’d suggest that it might be time for the New York food media to just stop talking about Guy altogether. When a seemingly unrelated piece about peanut butter and pickle sandwiches in The New York Times contains a quick potshot, Guy bashing risks going from trend to professional ritual. At this point, the two sides should just agree to disagree.

[via CBS]