The results are in for Esquire’s reader poll asking people to choose the country’s most life-changing pizzeria. By a slim margin, Chicago’s deep-dish stalwart Lou Malnati’s has been declared the victor, beating out its hometown rival Gino’s East, as well as spots like Frank Pepe in New Haven and Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix.

Most notably, the poll results show Lou Malnati’s trumping Lombardi’s and Di Fara in New York City, essentially declaring Chicago over NYC in a pizza rivalry that has engendered decades of debate. Lombardi’s came in third behind Frank Pepe, trailing Malnati’s by 1.1%.

For what it’s worth, the editors do attempt to cushion the results for those who swear by NYC-style slices: “Only two New York–based pizzerias made the top ten, most likely proving that New Yorkers feel they have too many life-changing pizzas to choose from.”

New Yorkers will likely remain unconvinced that their pies are not the best.

Sidenote: For all the Neapolitan pizzerias cropping up in Los Angeles, the city didn’t even register on the list.

[via Chicagoist/Esquire]