For those who are into extreme eating as a spectator bloodsport, fret not that Adam Richman has delegated many of his Man vs. Food battles to the audience. The men behind web seriesĀ Epic Meal Time are only too happy to oblige with various acts of hypercookery. (By the way, we’re going to call the show EMT from hereon and we’re fully aware of the irony.)

Next month marks the launch of Epic Chef, a competition show that turns equal parts Chopped, Iron Chef, and Kitchen Impossible into a series of 60-minute episodes wherein two chefs must make meals out of ingredients that ostensibly don’t go together. If the new show is anything like EMT, expect full meals as ingredients for meals: Chinese-takeout pizza, meat waffles, deep-fried mac-and-cheese balls, fast-food burger lasagna, etc. It’s the type of wild stacking rhapsodized by YC.

The series will debut on and its YouTube channel. It’s unclear whether bacon and Jack Daniels, EMT’s unofficial sixth and seventh crew members respectively, will make any appearances. What we do know is that our own FWF columist, Dieselboy, will be in the mix as a judge on the first episode. Last night, he tweeted of photo of himself and Andy Milonakis on set in L.A. We can’t really make it out, but would appear that steer horns, fried chicken and burgers, and a bottle of Patron were also involved.

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