Papa John’s is the latest brand to enlist Taylor Swift to help sell its wares. The pop singer, whose new album, Red, was just released, has teamed up with the pizza chain for a special promotion. For a limited time, you can have a physical copy of the album and a large one-topping pizza delivered straight to your home for a mere $22.

Really? The whole idea of listening to a CD of breakup songs while eating Papa John’s reeks of 2002-era depression. (Not ours, of course. We were crying into our ranch dipping sauce from constant rejection, but listening to Dipset while doing so).

It would seem that Team Taylor Swift needs a swift kick in the pants. Combined with her struggle section at Duane Reade and the merch stations inside Walgreen’s, this pizza-CD combo makes the youthful singer’s brand look kind of sad and dated. But if the idea is to go after single 40-somethings—you know, the ones who have all that expendable income from being alone—then it’ll kill.

And to be honest, we’ll probably order a pie tonight, but only to see if Kanye shows up and says, “I’m really happy for you and I’ma let you eat that Papa John’s pizza, but Domino’s has the best pizza of all time!”

[via GrubStreet]