Who knew that Ice Cube might have been onto something in his refusal to try sushi? At the rate we’re overfishing the ocean’s supply and polluting our waterways, a multi-pronged mutant seafood attack wouldn’t be unwarranted. Filmmaker Daniel Blank imagines such a scenario in the insane-looking Monster Roll trailer above, in which intrepid chefs lay a whupping down on these monsters and turn them into sashimi.

The NYU film grad is looking to turn this tongue-in-cheek apocalyptic vision into a full-length feature film. Blank gets points for demonstrating serious special effects and for filming on one of the busiest sections of Wilshire Boulevard during the day. The six-minute short also features Steve Howey (on Showtime’s Shameless) as that guy at the sushi bar. You know, the one who’s oblivious to his own obnoxiousness and smothers every bite in spicy mayo and soy sauce.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a portrait of a sushi chef as hero. Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose’s Get Jiro pitted a strip-mall sushi chef against a band of master-chef crime lords.

[via Wired]