The next time you’re lacing up a pair of Adidas, consider that somewhere in the Philippines people are eating chicken feet that go by the same name. In fact, Filipino street food vendors have coined names for various street snacks that might make you think you’re back in 1992: Adidas for grilled chicken feet, betamax for congealed chicken or pork blood, and walkman for barbecued pigs ears.

These snacks have been around for a minute, but they’re finally starting to get some shine stateside at hot spots like Maharlika in New York and Hapa SF, an organic Filipino food truck in San Francisco.

To make your own adidas, recommends boiling the chicken feet before marinating in “soy [sauce], calmansi juice, garlic, and other flavorings.” And when you’re serving them, Philippine Online Chronicles says adidas goes best with spicy vinegar.