In Philadelphia, commuters can have one less errand to worry about with online grocery delivery service Peapod giving them the luxury to buy their milk, cereal, and Intelligentsia coffee while they’re in transit. And yes, there’s an app for that.

Users can shop for their groceries and toiletries by scanning one of the 50 items pictured on any of the 100 large billboards, which are designed to look like snapshots of supermarket aisles. Items not pictured on a billboard can be found through the free application. Peapod currently stocks about 11,000 items for purchase.

According to transit advertising agency Titan, Philly commuters spend about an hour per day traveling, totaling up to 235 hours in a year. The idea is to make one’s commute a bit more productive, if you could afford it. Peapod charges for its delivery service; the New York Times found last year that a minimum order of $60 costs $9.95 to get to your NYC doorstep.

Though the subway-side virtual grocery store is only available in Philadelphia, Peapod’s delivery service is also available in parts of New England and the Midwest.

[via Fast Company]