With each city’s culinary triumphs come the downers. Often, these lows are most apparent to those who are fully entrenched in the restaurant scene, and can see its foibles and bad habits played out from place to place.

To wit, SF Weekly‘s dining crew has donned its curmudgeon hat to break down five pet peeves with San Fran’s food scene. How does these beefs compare to what you notice in your own city?

  • Lengthy introductions. Apparently SF servers will likely speak at length about the joint. Better say ‘yes’ if you’re asked whether you’ve dined at the place before.
  • Handshakes. Your server might also introduce himself and offer a handshake. For those with OCD tendencies, this can prove to be a problem.
  • Overload on Point of Food Origin. You’ll get the whole spiel on where your food came from, to the point that dinner might begin to look like a Portlandia sketch.
  • Lack of good vegetarian options. If you’re not a red-blooded carnivore, you’ll have to research ahead for restaurants that have solid vegetarian and vegan choices.
  • Shady surcharges? The “Healthy San Francisco” surcharge meant to help provide restaurant workers with medical coverage has already been called into question for alleged fraud, according to Grub Street San Francisco. The Golden Gate Restaurant Association has denied the charges, saying that they are based on faulty data. At any rate, many feel it is the restaurant’s responsibility, not the diner’s, to take care of its staff.

[via S.F. Weekly]