By now, everyone knows that secret menu items are not just the stuff of urban legend. Out in Cali, fast-food aficionados have long been extolling the virtues of In-N-Out’s “animal-style.” New Yorkers, on the other hand, might have had an encounter with The Quad at Shake Shack, a four-patty behemoth with a side of hamburger buns (lettuce and tomatoes, too, if one’s in the mood for a mini artery break).

But the madness doesn’t end there. Buzzfeed’s got a breakdown of a whole bunch of other off-the-menu fast food items, including the following gems:

  • Chipotle’s quesarito: This solves the issue of deciding between a quesadilla or burrito. Both, please.
  • KFC’s poutine: Poutine—a Québécois speciality of French fries covered with cheese curds and brown gravy—is a natural trajectory for the fried chicken franchise.
  • Sonic’s Frito pie: Chips, chili, cheese. Repeat.
  • Starbucks’ dessert as coffee drink menu.
  • Burger King’s suicide burger: A cheese-covered, four-patty burger with bacon. Need we elaborate more?

[via Buzzfeed]