Rita Ora visited the “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” crew on Power 106 yesterday, and the convo quickly turned to her spicy-food predilections after she guesstimated that she would need to drink 20 gallons of beer at her father’s pub to hook up with co-host Louie G.

After getting into spicy food by the age of 15-16, she now carries a bottle of Tabasco sauce in her bag wherever she goes.

I don’t think I have any taste buds. If I can’t have anything spicy, I don’t taste it. I think I burned my taste buds that much, because I have everything with spicy food. Everything’s gotta be spicy.

When asked about what’s the craziest thing she has eaten with Tabasco, she shares a recipe for a spicy banana sandwich (a little bit of Tabasco on bananas over bread), admitting later that aside from breakfast she doesn’t cook much.

Big Boy takes it back to Louie G at this point when he challenges Louie to a Tabasco shot for $200. “He’s gonna die,” says Rita, genuinely concerned for him. Sensing potential to impress the beautiful Brit, Louie emphasizes a few times that he’s doing all this for her.

And it works. “I have to say it’s very romantic,” says Rita.

Choking and tearing up after downing the shot, Louie manage to cough out a few awkward compliments before asking her out.

“I can’t say no!” says Rita. “I can’t do it… No.”

[via Big Boy’s Neighborhood]