Kendrick Lamar knows a thing or two about cereal. The Compton-raised rapper discusses the cereal and cartoons from his youth (which served as inspiration for his appropriately titled track, “Cartoons and Cereal,” from earlier this year), in a video exclusive over at Complex.

According to Lamar, there are two types of cereals in the world: fun cereal and casual cereal. Don’t even bother talking to him about Raisin Bran, Wheaties, or plain Cheerios—those are irrelevant.

The MC calls attention to the “legendary” Fruity Pebbles, citing the crunch of the rainbow-colored cereal as being “one of a kind.” For the smoothest cereal-eating experience, abide by his preferred procedure, because he’s got this down to a science. After adding milk and taking a bite to get a taste of that first crunch, let the bowl sit for a minute. This is key: the resulting composition is a 60:40 ratio of soggy to crunchy. Perfect for any time of day.

We wonder what would happen if Kendrick and Christina Tosi put their minds together. Could be magic.

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