Most pundits and polls declared a comeback for President Barack Obama following Tuesday’s debate. The third showdown will take place next Monday, and it remains to be seen how much impact the debates have on the election results.

But if the president is taking the (political) pulse of the American snacker, he should be feeling pretty confident right now. In the latest figures based on food purchases, Obama is ahead by a sizeable margin. In some areas like coffee and cookies, he enjoys a double digit lead.

  • 7-Eleven’s coffee poll (59%-41%)
  • BGR The Burger Joint’s 2012 Presidential Burger competition (53%-47%)
  • California Tortilla’s Presidential Burrito Bowls (54%-46%)
  • The Occidental Grill & Seafood’s cookie contest (55%-43%)

Still, not all the votes are in. It seems supporters of Governor Romney are voting with their alcohol choices. According to Esquire, the Elephant cocktail is ahead of the Donkey at D.C. restaurant Lincoln. When we checked just now, the Red State Bourbon is still dominating the Blue State Bourbon on Facebook.

[via Esquire]