London is the latest victim of the cruel joke that In-N-Out likes to call a pop-up. The West Coast hamburger chain has previously appeared in cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Shanghai.

This time around it decided to head straight across the Atlantic to drop by Florence Cafe in Hendon, a northwest London suburb, for a five-hour lunch service.

The gimmick is a bit of a tease, since In-N-Out is not planning on expanding to any of those cities—at least not any time soon. When asked about its master plan, the company responded:

“We have done events like this before in other countries and they are just one part of our efforts to promote and expand out brand as well as determine the best way to continue reaching out to customers around the world. We do not have any immediate plans to open a permanent restaurant there but this special event will help us make future decisions.”

[via Serious Eats]