If you think Times Square has insane themed restaurants, think again: The Russians make them look quaint by comparison. Gizmodo has unearthed a post from the blog called English Russia detailing the specs on a forthcoming spot called Bunker 42, where you can swill vodka in a former Cold War hideaway.

For anyone who had a Nintendo 64, it would appear that visiting this restaurant/karaoke lounge/strip club/whatever megaplex is a lot like wandering through a level of GoldenEye 007, silencer pistol in hand ready to pick off some KGB agents.

Apprently the 75,000-square-foot facility, which is an incredible 65 meters below ground, was originally a nuclear bunker built in 1956. It was basically left to decay until it was bought in 2006 by a private company, who has been working on this sprawling themed complex, complete with a museum, a spa, and what appears to be a very large and very strange club.

Keep your Moonraker laser nearby and enjoy the tour:


[via Gizmodo]