Over at GQ, writer Eric Sullivan has been documenting his quest to complete three months of P90X—an intense exercise program that’s been a topic of media interest lately, mostly because people can’t believe that GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan works out that hard.

Anyway, Sullivan hits a major wall in his seventh week of training, and it’s not hard to see why looking at his sheepish listing of his weekend eats.

Whereas the intensive program burns calories quicker than most, Sullivan has learned that eating “like a fourteen year-old hitting a growth support” is not the best tack.

Here’s what we can take away from his two-day diet diary:

  • Do not mix thy sugary cereals: Your energy will already crash quickly from the sugar spike of one sugary cereal, leaving you desirous of anything —usually carb-related—to pick you up. Adding another will send you spiraling down path that much faster.
  • Terrible two’s: Besides doubling up on cereal, Sullivan had seconds of nearly everything he ate: a Double Quarter Pounder, fried foods, Chardonnay, cocktails, and chocolate-covered doughnuts.

[via GQ]