OnĀ The Rachael Ray Show, Ann Romney broke down her tricks for feeding a large family and it has everything to do with Costco, the members-only bulk-buy store. For $137.50, she can throw a feast for three generations of Romneys, including her five sons and their families. That’s 30 people for $4.50 per person.

During her grocery run for the show, she packed her cart with raspberries, frozen cream puffs, and spinach, giving tips along the way. The family’s main go-to is rotisserie chicken.

According to Daily Meal, “The Romney’s buffet-style family dinners often consist of home-made creamed spinach, pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, honey-mustard dipping sauce, roasted butternut squash, frozen cream puffs with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.”

The Romneys have expressed their love for Costco in the past, but the feeling is not mutual. According ABC News, Costco founder James Sinegal has already thrown his support to President Barack Obama.

[via Daily Mail]