Schools in the states of California and New Mexico are among those just saying no to the spicy puffed snack beloved by children everywhere (so much so this tribute happened). In the Illinois city of Rockford, schools have already stopped selling Hot Cheetos altogether.

School officials attacked the Frito Lay snack on the grounds of its poor nutritional value. As reported by ABC News’ Lindsey Davis, each bag equals to 26 grams of fat and 25 percent of the recommended daily sodium intake. Stained fingers and “hyperpalatability” seem to be major concerns for officials as well. The latter describes the addictive quality of a certain food or drink—that “once you pop, you can’t stop” effect.

In the case of Hot Cheetos, there is empirical evidence that speaks to the snack’s addictiveness. The chorus of the Y.N. Rich Kids anthem indicates as much: “I can’t get enough of these Hot Cheetos and Takis/Got my fingers stained red/And I cannot get them off me.”

In response to the ban, Frito Lay released a statement that stated a commitment to responsible advertising, which means not targeting anyone under the age of 12.

Sounds like a tempest in a tea pot if you ask us. Let the kids have their Hot Cheetos, because when you start working in an office, leaving a trail of spicy Cheetos dust on everything you touch is no longer a viable way to live your life.

[via ABC News]