Food packaging waste is a serious issue that could be potentially solved if only the packaging was edible, according to startups WikiCells and MonoSol.

Slate reports that WikiCells is working to “encase various foods and liquids in edible membranes that function like the skin of a grape.” MonoSol will be featuring a “water-soluble film or polymer”—called Vivos edible—that dissolves in water, regardless of temperature.

Besides funding, another roadblock facing both companies is the difficulty of changing people’s perception of packaging, especially in these hygiene-obsessed times. We’ve all grubbed the bread bowl that held our clam chowder, but buying something straight from the supermarket and eating the container might feel a bit odd.

For both startups, 2013 just might prove to be a big year. Monosol is looking to launch their product by end of next year. By then, WikiCells intends to have established 30 WikiBars across the United States and Europe where samples and for-sale items will be available.

[via Slate]