Best known for his comedic response to Alexandra Wallace’s incendiary rant about “Asians in the library at UCLA,” vlogger David So is back with a new entry called “Ghetto Diners,” in which he calls out that one friend we all have who never coughs up his (or her) fair share for the bill.

He names several strategies employed by said cheapskates:

  1. Greeting the bill with silence.
  2. Speaking in tongues when confronted about paying.
  3. Rounding down their part of the bill.
  4. Trying to distract you with chatter.
  5. Feigning ignorance when things work out in their favor.

So’s advice for the perpetrators themselves doesn’t beat around the bush: “Do what normal ghetto people do. Go to McDonald’s, buy a couple of double cheeseburgers, and eat that shit before you go to your real meal.”

“And if you’re offended by this in any way, then assface, it’s probably you,” quips So.

Sage indeed.