While we’re all hyped up on bacon, quinoa, and food trucks, there are professionals in the food industry busy trying to figure out which trend will sweep the country next.

As the WSJ reports, these trends often start at major festivals like this year’s New York City Food & Wine Festival, where fried chicken inspired its own themed event. Those who attend the parties and tastings are typically an influential group of food writers, chefs, and other industry tastemakers.

This trend forecasting finds its industrial application in New Jersey, where food-science labs work on creating the artificial flavors we find in chips, ice cream, and so forth. Enough companies are headquarted alongside the turnpike that the area has been dubbed “the Flavor Corridor.”

In her story on these labs, Marketplace reporter Audrey Quinn learns from Tom Buco of Excellentia International that there is currently “an increased demand for Latin and Asian flavors” like the oil of kefir lime leaves.

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