Kool Keith never fails to entertain. In the latest episode of “Food Gold” with Elliot Aronow, the artist also known as Dr. Octagon (a.k.a. Dr. Dooom; a.k.a. Black Elvis; a.k.a. Poppa Large) adds yet another persona to his roster—that of celebrity sous chef.

Dropping commentary that would make Iron Chef America on-floor reporter Kevin Brauch envious, he doles out some essential observations and advice while making French toast with chef Melia Marden at The Smile in downtown Manhattan:

  • “A lot of people don’t put cinnamon on they toast.” Kool Keith clearly does not mess with these people.
  • “Don’t drop any batter on your shoe.” Indeed, French toast batter is not a good look on your kicks.
  • “If you put syrup on them, are they kind of more rugged?” A fair question—seems like the answer is probably yes.
  • “Stay off the calories.” Because obesity is going around, and you don’t want to catch it.

Even without all that wisdom, it’s well worth watching the video to hear Kool Keith say “baguettes” a lot.

[via Fool’s Gold]