If these guys knew the trick to our evolution was with cooking and not biotechnology, we might be living out a real-life Planet of the Apes nightmare right now. Researchers at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro now believe humans found the ultimate evolutionary crib sheet when we began cooking our food some 800,000 years ago.

Compared to other primates, we finessed the art and science of getting the most fuel out of our food in the shortest amount of time, which enabled us to get out and try to function in capacities other than mere survival. The theory states that we need a lot of energy to fuel our bodies, and raw food just simply didn’t provide enough.

Acquiring and eating food occupies the average gorilla a good 8.8 hours per day. Meanwhile, our brains will drain about 20% of what we consume, despite it standing only 2% of our bodies.

Whereas gorillas have 33 billion neurons and chimps are working with 26 billion, our brains evolved to about 86 billion.

This gives a new dimension to the saying ‘food for thought.’

[via The Guardian]