Christopher Walken does a mean deadpan, but we’re taking his cooking video with a bit more seriousness than he and the Funny Or Die crew may have intended. Though it’s designed to be a lark, the notion of a Walken cooking show isn’t so outlandish—at least not when you’ve watched Olympic champion ice skater Brian Boitano on his Food Network show What Would Brian Boitano Make?

In the six-minute video, Walken welcomes pal and fellow actor Richard Belzer, takes him shopping, and cooks his version of surf ‘n’ turf with two blondes who look like they time-traveled from a Robert Palmer video. While Walken’s ideas about kitchen hygiene are questionable, the mini show is certainly entertaining, and the food actually looks pretty good. Watch pears being roasted with chicken, oranges sautéeing with scallops, and Walken taking all the little mishaps in stride.

Real talk: Cooking Channel, known to pick up new programming from online platforms like YouTube, would do well to get Walken on board.

Watch the clip now over at Funny or Die.