BaoHaus progenitor and all-around provocateur Eddie Huang has added another medium through which he can share his thoughts on various topics—from eating like a hooligan (how not to) to making a dollar out of fifteen cents during a date (how to). Huang’s culinary tour across the United States and Taiwan, a.k.a. “Fresh Off the Boat,” will premiere over at on October 15.

Earlier this year, news broke that Huang’s TV pilot, Cheap Bites, was green-lit by Cooking Channel. But he quickly grew tired of sugar-coating “a rotten Haight Street Birkenstock” for the network’s cameras. With Vice, he plans to take advantage of the freedom to explore “the underbellies of cities around the world in search of what’s cooking in their back alleys and underground spots.”

His upcoming memoir called, you guessed it, Fresh Off the Boat (Spiegel & Grau) will be out on January 29. Judging a book by its cover, it appears that the tome will be every bit as irreverent as Huang’s no-holds-barred blog.


[via NYT Diner’s Journal]