Bon Appétit is the latest publication to take on the task of convincing those who are 10 years behind the times that Philly is a food city to be reckoned with. A feature available on the website breaks down the reasons “Why Eating Out in the City of Brotherly Love Has Never Been Better.”

Writer Elizabeth Gunnison says, “Not so long ago, Philadelphia’s food scene was dominated by fossilized French restaurants, Nixon-era steakhouses, and other representatives of the leather-bound-menu set. But visit today and you’ll find unpretentious, chef-driven places capable of charming even the most jaded big-city diner.”

She names the following places as reasons why the city deserves to be taken seriously as a culinary destination:

Add this to Saveur‘s recent rundown of “6 Things You Can Only Get in Philadelphia,” and it’s clear that the City of Brotherly Love is finally reaching trending status amongst the food elite.