Since its launch this January, Bon Appétit‘s recurring online feature, “My Morning Routine,” has been taking a page from Us Weekly and InStyle by laying out the breakfast habits of celebrities. The latest post features Justin Timberlake, who, it turns out, plans his meals in advance to avoid the temptation of junk food. He also rocks his body with two breakfasts. As a self-styled “foodie,” the multi-hyphenate entertainer works out religiously to feed his habit. Fin.

Is it us, or could BA have added more flavor to the piece? Timberlake is not unknown for his sense of humor, having once donned a leotard and high heels for a “Single Ladies” parody. And how about a relevant mention or two of any of the following: various stints as a giant omelette, the star’s moves as a restaurateur, and his upcoming role as an alcoholic New York magazine food critic in The Last Drop.

Oh well—not everyone can have a morning routine as spicy as Ice Cube, who puts Frank’s Red Hot “on everything.”

[via Bon Appétit]