It’s officially the middle of the work week, and for those of you gearing up for a boozy weekend, we collated some recommendations about how to to deal with the aftermath. If you associate hangover cures with greasy and/or hearty food, you’re not alone. No matter where you are in the world, help is close at hand:

  • For those staying in Vegas who are determined to keep it in Vegas, there is no dearth of late-night/24-hour spots that keep your waist and wallet happy. There is even a mobile clinic that can treat your hangover.
  • In LA, an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure when hangover soups are available throughout Koreatown at late hours. If soup isn’t your deal, there are also plenty of late-night spots around town.
  • When you’re in NYC, there’s this Eater map designed specifically to suss out the better post-hangover restaurants.
  • Time looks at conventional hangover meals as remedies around the world.
  • For those more industrious, Saveur and Serious Eats have whipped recipes to help you help you sop up the bad decisions. The upside of cooking any of these is that the meal would be delicious without the hangover. Maybe try them when you company and want to gloss over how terrible you feel.