If Arby’s is looking refreshed these days, it’s because the sandwich shop has undergone a massive makeover with a different logo, advertising campaign, and menu. And it’s not the only major chain making changes.

These days, the established powerhouses are finding that they needed a reboot to compete with the younger, more nimble competition. Here’s a quick run-through on who’s doing what:

  • For Arby’s, the new look apparently comes with some new ‘tude as well, says Business Insider. The brand came out swinging at competitor Subway with a commercial in which retired NYC detective Bo Dietl shows the viewer the purported factory where Subway sources its sliced meats.
  • Next year, Wendy’s will transform itself too, switching up its logo and restaurant design.
  • Domino’s Pizza has new pizza boxes that are more in tune with recent overhaul of the menu.
  • Meanwhile, Taco Bell took a break from junk food hybridization—and allegedly took cues from Chipotle—when it tapped chef Lorena Garcia to launch its new Cantina Bell menu.