As consumers, we’ve been around the block enough times to know the difference between the ads and the actual product at fast-food chains. The phenomenon clearly isn’t unique to restaurants, but suffice to say that outrage has become a rusty emotion when we see that burger looking like a shadow of its airbrushed self.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to gawk when fantasy and reality are pitted side-by-side.

The latest example comes from Japanese fast food chain Lotteria, whose anniversary has been marked by two limited-time sandwiches. As it turns out, the giant multi-patty cheeseburger advertised is actually essentially a cheese-beef pile melted onto itself. The reality of the shrimp sandwich holds up better in comparison, though.

Lotteria isn’t the only one whose food just doesn’t, well, stack up on the visual tip. For more comparisons, Geekologie pulled up a couple of examples from chains we’re all familiar with.

[via Kotaku]