Who knew Subway could be a good resource for a cultural geography lesson? With 38,000 outlets in 100 countries worldwide, the sandwich chain can serve up 2.6 billion sandwiches in a year. HuffPost Food has photos of some of the regional Subway specials around the world, including these offbeat creations:

  • In Sweden, the Skagenrora (translates to “a mixture from the sea”) comes with a salad made up of shrimp and crab tossed with mayonnaise, lemon, herbs, and spices.
  • Made up of roasted cottage cheese slices, the Paneer Tikka is one the options available at a Subway in India.
  • Brazilians get a variation on chicken salad made with smoked chicken and cream cheese.
  • It is a healthy dose of protein and greens for Japanese Subway-goers, who order the shrimp and broccoli combo. There’s also one with bacon, potato, and anchovy sauce for those who are less health-conscious.
  • In Mexico, the Pierna Habanera means “spicy ham served with crema and hot habanera sauce.”
  • On the menu in South Africa and for a limited time inĀ Australia, the Peri-Peri Chicken is named after the chili pepper (a.k.a. pir piri) that goes in the sauce.
  • The Halloumi sandwich is composed of grilled/fried sheep and goat’s-milk cheese in Saudia Arabia.

[via HuffPost Food]