Add one more insult to the ever-growing list of injuries produced by obesity and general overweight-edness. Mission Readiness, a nonprofit group composed of retired senior retired military leaders, just released “Still too Fat to Fight”—a follow-up report on how our penchant for fatty foods continues to threaten national security interests.

Mission Readiness included a screenshot of a World Health Organization atlas that maps BMI data around the world, highlighting that “almost 3 out of 4 adult American males are overweight or obese.” Furthermore, one in four young adults would not pass military recruiting standards due to their weight. Turns out that Basic Training isn’t supposed to resemble an episode of The Biggest Loser.

The Mission Readiness folks are the latest soldiers to join the battle against junk food sold in schools. As nutrition expert Marion Nestle points out, food politics tends to garner some “interesting bedfellows” these days.

[via Food Politics]