Before the likes of Umami and Father’s Office, there was Apple Pan, a Los Angeles institution that began serving the city burgers, fries, and pies in 1947. The restaurant its original flavor intact over the year, including the cash-only policy, zero-reservations stance, and—best of all—a no-frills, just-the-classic menu.

LA Weekly recently named Apple Pan’s Hickoryburger one of its favorite dishes among 100. According to writer Garrett Snyder, it’s all about their consistency. Plus it’s not that the menu is extensive.

Says Snyder, “There are two burgers on the menu, both of the old-school, paper-wrapped, lettuce-intensive variety: the standard Steakburger and the Hickoryburger. They’re more or less the same burger, the difference being that the latter is slathered with a tart, sweet, smoky sauce that falls somewhere in between ketchup and Kansas City barbecue sauce.”

While many newer spots are definitely worth checking out, any burger completist doing the rounds in L.A. would be remiss to skip out on a trip to Apple Pan.

[via LA Weekly]